Burst for reddit app review

by Alex Duckmanton

1 year ago

App present at News, Entertainment App Store categories
Size of app 9.99 Mb
Supported languages and store countries: EN
Current version is 1.13 released at 22 Mar 2018. Minimal required iOS version 9.0

Burst for reddit price is Free

Short description of Burst for reddit from Alex Duckmanton

Fake news, echo chambers and unconscious bias. How do you get out of a filter bubble if you don’t know you’re in one? Enter Burst.

For everything in your feed, Burst finds reposts all over reddit and intelligently merges the comments together. This helps you see things from other perspectives to foster a more open mindset.

If a link in your feed is reposted across r/apple, r/iphone, r/technology and r/android, Burst merges them all into a single discussion. Links posted to r/politics, r/conservative, and r/liberal are combined to help break down filter bubbles you might be stuck in.

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