Care Bears & Amigos in NYC app review

by Bilingual Children's Enterprises, Inc.

1 year ago

App present at Education, Family, Educational, Games App Store categories
Size of app 387.35 Mb
Supported languages and store countries: EN
Current version is 1.2.1 released at 29 Jul 2017. Minimal required iOS version 8.0

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Short description of Care Bears & Amigos in NYC from Bilingual Children's Enterprises, Inc.

This new app exposes kids to 1,500+ words in English and Spanish, early STEM topics and numeracy, and social and emotional learning. Features include 5 worlds, 30 games, animated Care Bears videos, rhyming songs, the ability to toggle between both English and Spanish, a digital buddy that helps the child throughout the app, and error management for wrong answers. It’s kid-friendly with multicultural and relatable characters, built with vibrant colors, imaginative scenes and interactivity.

This app is to be played in a specific order according to our educational guidelines for preschoolers. The starting point is the Zoo; all games in the Zoo must be completed to move on to the Statue of Liberty; then to the Subway, Washington Heights and Care-a-lot.

Visit the Zoo to learn about the names and sounds of the animals. Visit the Statue of Liberty to learn about geometrics shapes. Ride the subway to learn about numbers, how to tell time and difference between more and less. Visit Washington Heights to learn the alphabet and the sounds of the letters. Visit Care-a-lot to learn how the Care Bears are feeling.

Listen to an ebook about Tipi & Tom's adventure to help the Care Bears find the Star Buddies in New York City.

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