Honkai Impact 3rd game review

by miHoYo Limited

11 months ago

Game present at Games, Action App Store categories
Size of game 2.71 Gb
Supported languages and store countries: AR, EN, JA, KO, RU, ZH, ES, TH, ZH
Current version is 1.8.1 released at 28 Mar 2018. Minimal required iOS version 7.1
Application have good user reviews average user rating 5

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Short description of Honkai Impact 3rd from miHoYo Limited

On earth, a catastrophe known as the "Honkai" has plagued mankind throughout history.
You will take on the role as captain of the mighty battleship Hyperion, commanding an elite team of Valkyries in battle against the Honkai, and embarking on a journey to save the world.

[Game Features]
—Fully 3D visuals and stunning artwork
Smooth controls with complete 360° camera angles, hand-drawn game art, gorgeous special effects, and an original live weather system all work together to deliver a gaming experience that is truly immersive.
—Unique combat system that delivers intense and exciting combat gameplay
With Honkai Impact 3rd’s combat system, you can jump into battle using the unique evasion system, combo attacks, and other skills to control their Valkyries and find the fighting style that is truly their own!
—Customizable loadouts with hundreds of weapons and stigmata
The spirits of brave warriors who once fought against the Honkai are waiting to be summoned as stigmata by the Valkyries! Equip these stigmata along with a variety of different weapons to find many interesting ways to synergize the Valkyries’ loadouts and skills!
—Cute girls with unique personalities fighting together in a thrilling adventure
Build a base for the Valkyries and play through robust event stages… Whether in battle against the Honkai or just hanging out with the Valkyries at the base, you will form a bond with these special girls that will be too strong to ever break.

If you encounter any problems while playing Honkai Impact 3rd, please contact the support center in-game and send us your feedback!
Support Mailbox: [email protected]
Official Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/global.honkaiimpact/

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