Views • News Redesigned app review

by Praveen Kambampati

1 year ago

App present at News App Store categories
Size of app 44.72 Mb
Supported languages and store countries: EN
Current version is 1.1.1 released at 21 Jan 2018. Minimal required iOS version 10.0
Application have good user reviews average user rating 4.5

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Short description of Views • News Redesigned from Praveen Kambampati

Views is a whole new way to interact with the news you want to see. Choose a variety of categories ranging from US Politics to Sports to Technology. With a modern design, Views gathers the latest news articles from more than 20 of the world’s most reputable sources and puts them straight into your pocket (and on your wrist if you’ve got an Apple Watch)!
At Views, everything is 100% free. We believe in delivering the best viewing experience which is why we don’t pester you with useless ads! More importantly, we believe that good design is the most important feature of any successful app. It’s why we prioritize our design. With gorgeous shades of lavender, a terrific dark mode, and the native cards of iOS, Views will feel like a default app of the system.

We know how busy you can get in your lives. It’s why we built Views to be as intuitive as possible. Starting with the Today Widget, Views displays the Top Story based on your interests. Quick Actions help speed up your news searching needs! Once you load the app, Views doesn’t take long to display the top stories even though it gathers articles from over 20 different news sources. Tap a card to get briefed about the topic and you’ve got time, go ahead and swipe up to read the story! If not, don't worry! Bookmarks allow you to save a story for later.

We come across a bunch of subjects and terms everyday and don’t bother searching it up. Meet Felicity- a smart assistant designed to help you answer your questions by gathering news articles from over 60 sources! Accessible from the home screen with 3D Touch, Felicity can access the world’s news within a matter of seconds and present her findings to you!
In a world where the news we receive can be questionable and sometimes opposing, Views wants to present everything with beautiful clarity to remind you that despite the small setbacks this world may have, everything gets better!

"Design Won't Save The World, But It Damn Sure Makes It Look Good"
-A Genius Out There

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